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Testing Hooks


Mantle provides an interface for testing WordPress hooks in declarative and assertive formats.

Declaring Hook Usage

Inside your unit test declare the hooks you expect to fire, optionally specifying the amount of times and the return values. Then run the subsequent function you wish to unit test and Mantle will handle the assertions.

$this->expectApplied( 'action_to_check' )
->with( 'value_to_check', 'secondary_value_to_check' );

Defining Count

Define how many times a hook was applied. You can specify the number of times directly with times() or use once(), twice(), or never() instead.

$this->expectApplied( 'action_to_check' )->twice();

do_action( 'action_to_check', 'value_to_check' );
do_action( 'action_to_check', 'value_to_check' );

Defining Arguments

Define the arguments that you expect to be passed to the filter. These would be the arguments passed to do_action()/apply_filters()/etc. at the start of the hook.

$this->expectApplied( 'filter_to_check' )
->with( 'value_to_check' );

apply_filters( 'filter_to_check', 'value_to_check' );

Defining Return Value

Define the expected return value for the filter. Return values can be specified using andReturn(mixed $value) or with some helper functions.

  • andReturn(mixed $value): Returns with the value of $value.
  • andReturnNull(): Returns null.
  • andReturnFalse(): Returns false.
  • andReturnTrue(): Returns true.
$this->expectApplied( 'falsey_filter_to_check' )

add_filter( 'falsey_filter_to_check', '__return_false' );
apply_filters( 'falsey_filter_to_check', true );

Asserting Hook Usage

Hooks can be asserted against after they have already been applied. This can be used interchangeably. No setup or declarations are required.

$this->assertHookApplied( 'the_hook', 2 );
$this->assertHookNotApplied( 'the_hook_that_didnt_run' );