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Directory Structure


Below is the current proposed directory structure for sites using Mantle. The tree is assumed to be placed inside of a wp-content/plugin/{site} folder.

├── app
│   ├── console
│   │   └── class-example-command.php
│   ├── jobs
│   │   └── class-example-job.php
│   ├── models
│   │   └── class-example-post.php
│   └── providers
│   └── class-app-service-provider.php
├── bootstrap
│   └── app.php
├── composer.json
├── config
│   └── app.php
├── database
│   ├── factories
│   │   └── class-post-factory.php
│   └── seeds
│   └── class-database-seeder.php
├── routes
│   ├── cli.php
│   ├── rest-api.php
│   └── web.php
└── tests
├── class-test-case.php
├── feature
│   └── test-example.php
└── unit
└── test-example.php

Root Directory

The App Directory

The app diretory contains the core code of your application. This includes console commands, routes, models, providers, and more. Most of the application will live inside of this folder. By default this folder is namespaced App and autoloaded using a WordPress-style autoloader.

The Bootstrap Directory

The bootstrap directory contains the app.php file which bootstraps and loads the framework. It can also contain a cache folder which contains framework generated files for performance optimization including routes and packages.

The Config Directory

The config directory contains the application configuration. For more information about this, read the Configuration documentation page.

The Database Directory

The database directory contains the database factories and seeders used to initialize the database for testing. For more information about this, read the 'Model Factory' documentation page.

The Routes Directory

The routes directory contains all of the application's HTTP route definitions. By default, this includes web.php and rest-api.php for web and REST API routes, respectively.

The Tests Directory

The tests directory contains the automated tests for the application powered by PHPUnit and the Mantle Test Framework.