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Version: 1.x



Mantle has two system requirements to run: PHP to be at least running 8.0 and WordPress to be at least 5.9. Mantle supports PHP 8 to 8.2.

How Can I Use Mantle?

Mantle supports two different modes of operation:

  1. This is the most common setup: As a plugin/theme framework for a WordPress site. It normally lives in wp-content/plugins/mantle. and uses alleyinteractive/mantle as the starter package for this mode.

  2. In isolation in an existing code base. The Mantle framework provides all it's own default configuration and service providers and doesn't require most of the code in alleyinteractive/mantle to function. This mode is useful for integrating Mantle into an existing code base and using one of it's features like queue or routing without setting up the rest of the application.

    For more information on this mode, see the Using Mantle in Isolation section.

Installing Mantle on a Site

Mantle sites should live in wp-content/plugins/{site-slug}/ inside a WordPress project.

Via Mantle Installer

The Mantle Installer can install Mantle on a new or existing WordPress application. Download the Mantle installer using Composer.

composer global require alleyinteractive/mantle-installer

Once installed the mantle new command will create a fresh Mantle installation wherever you specify. It can also install WordPress for you or install Mantle into an existing WordPress installation.

mantle new my-site
Looking to contribute to Mantle?

You can install Mantle and the Mantle Framework linked to each other for easy local development. Both will be cloned as Git repositories. Mantle Framework will be locally checked out to plugins/mantle-framework.

mantle new my-site --setup-dev

Via Composer Create-Project

Alternatively, you can install a Mantle site using Composer, replacing my-site with your site's slug.

cd wp-content/plugins/

composer create-project alleyinteractive/mantle my-site \
--remove-vcs \
--stability=dev \
--no-cache \

Use create-mantle-app

The create-mantle-app can be used as a GitHub template for a starter template for your next application. It is a /wp-content/-rooted application template that already has Mantle installed as a plugin.


Mantle should be loaded through a mu-plugin, client-mu-plugin, or another initialization script as a plugin. To ensure that all features work correctly, Mantle should be loaded before the muplugins_loaded action is fired.

Using Mantle in Isolation

Mantle supports the use of the framework and its features in complete isolation, without the need of the starter code in alleyinteractive/mantle. Using the Application Bootloader, you can instantiate the Mantle framework in one line and use it's features in any code base.


For more information on the Bootloader, see the Bootloader documentation.

For example, if you want to use Mantle's Queue feature in an existing code base, you can do so by booting the framework and then using the dispatch() helper (see the queue documentation for more information).

// Boot the application.

// Dispatch an anonymous job.
dispatch( function () {
// Do something expensive here.
} );