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Version: 1.x


Mantle provides some testing helpers to make it easier to write tests for your project.

HTML String‚Äč

The Mantle\Testing\html_string helper is used to create a DOMDocument object from an HTML string. This can be useful when you need to test a function that returns HTML output and want to make assertions about the generated HTML. You can use the same methods as the Element Assertions feature to make assertions about the HTML string.

use Mantle\Testing\html_string;

<section>Example Section</section>
<div class="test-class">Example Div By Class</div>
<div id="test-id">Example Div By ID</div>
<li>Item 1</li>
<li>Item 2</li>
<li data-testid="test-item">Item 3</li>
->assertContains( 'Example Section' )
->assertElementExists( '//section' )
->assertQuerySelectorExists( 'section' )
->assertElementExistsById( 'test-id' )
->assertElementExistsByTestId( 'test-item' );